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Updated: October 2019

We are a small "U" shaped park. We have 25 spaces. All with full hook ups and all have 50 amp service. We can and often do accommodate several up to 40’+ units.

(A Totally Non-Smoking RV Park.)
(No Smoking, Vaping, or Anything Similar.)
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We do not have the amenities of the larger parks that surround us, BUT we charge accordingly. Most of our guests stay here because they do not want to pay hundreds more a month for extras like dance halls, bingo room, and wood working. Most would rather spend their money on things
THEY want to do, like shopping, golfing, restaurants, or just enjoying themselves.


We really feel that we are among the best value for a park that is kept so well. We have a beautiful Rec-Room for cards or games, and 3 very ncie washers and dryers in our VERY clean laundry room. (We get many complements on it all the time.)

There are other small parks in the area. Some look very presentable, but most have a different clientele, and our guests have told us they felt more comfortable staying here. We do not have a pool, but have been told by guests, that for the price difference from our park to many around us, you can buy
several, memberships to some of the very nice spas and health clubs around us. I also say that there are two pools that I would prefer not to swim in,,, A senior pool and a toddler pool, both for the same reason. (Smile.)

We welcome small Furry Children, and indoor cats. But will consider any size Furry Child that is well behaved and in
no way bothers other guests. (The same thing we require of all our guests. Both 2 and 4 legged.) 

We have a very nice Grass area for Furry Children. It has utensils, a waste bin, and even a hose. We pay extra every winter to plant non-staining grass, so those furry feet don’t turn green and use “Furry Child” friendly fertilizer. 


Summer Season: May - October
Winter Season: November - April

‍    •    A Utility Surcharge, MAY apply to Daily and Weekly depending on the Month, Temperature, & RV Size.

‍    •    All Rates are subject to change without notice.

Many Parks in This Area: Many parks in this area Charge up to $35.00 for WiFi, (Which in some cases only works good near the office.) Many are now charging $30 a month for pets, (We think furry children should stay free,) and many parks charge a rate for Electric that is much more than they pay. Several parks right around us are charging a trash charge, even though you still have to take it to the dumpster. It all adds up, and adds on to the price they initially quote you.

Our guests would rather stay at our smaller park, and use the money you save, for restaurants, golf, shopping, and other recreation

  • We May or May-Not allow, on a case by case basis,,, Class B, Campers, Pop-Ups, Very Small RVs, Older RVs, a Second Car, guests Without Cars, or guests wanting to use our Restrooms*.
  • We typically do not allow Motor Cycles, anything nonstandard, old, or in bad repair. ( Both RV or Automobiles. ) Check with us in advance if you have any doubts.
  • We are always willing to discuss it, and might make an exception if the circumstances are right. Like and older RV that looks newer, or is a custom restore. 
  • All rates are for two (2) people. Additional guests must be pre-approved and may substantially increase the rate. 
  • We are a Non-Smoking property.

* While we have very nice Restrooms,,, in 2015 we decided to no longer take guests wanting to use our facilities. This is just our personal choice. Since we don’t take older, or very small RV’s, this should not be an issue for any of our guests. They are available however, for a guests with plumbing emergencies.