General Information

We are a small park located in Mesa Arizona. While every town has several different types of areas, we like to think we are in a nice, safe, and centrally located area, surrounded by dozens and dozens of large resort type RV Parks.

We have invested a lot of money, time, and effort, to make this park nice. We continue to spend some of every day making it a better place to visit. We are both from corporate jobs all our lives and essentially bought ourselves jobs when we bought the park. It is very important to us to have a nice, safe place for us to live.

We have all types of RV's in the winter from large, (over 40 foot,) Alpha's and Monaco's, to smaller pull trailers. Most guests come for the winter and spend the whole winter with us. They often leave mid April when the weather up North gets good for traveling.

Many if not most of the other small parks in the area say they are "RV Parks," but they are really "Trailer Parks" that rent spaces to RV-ers. Many even rent Trailers to people long term. We are not like that at all! We are an "RV Park" that mainly caters to senior snow birds in the winter and are mostly empty in the summer other than travelers passing through. Being empty in this area in the summer time means you we are NOT a trailer park so it is a good thing.

If there is anything we can do to help, let us know.

We have great snowbirds guests, many of whom we consider friends, that return every winter. As I stated elsewhere, on any given winter, about 1/3 of our guests have stayed with us before. Maybe not every year, but at least once before.

In general, we are owners that are proud of the way we have made the park, and want to stay that way.

For visitors that find a Pool very important. We do not have one,,, BUT, The price difference between most places around us with pools, and our park is right around $300 a month after all their add-ons. We have found few people really use a pool as much as they think they will, and almost never enough to pay $300 a month for it. For many people that works out to over $75 an hour to be in a pool.

So if you find a any place that you like, but it does not have a pool, keep in mind that there are literally dozens of beautiful spas and health clubs in the area with pools, and the rivers and lakes very close too. For the $300 a month you save with us you can buy not one, but several really nice health club and spa memberships and still have money left over for shopping and restaurants. And even as a senior myself, there are two pools that I would prefer not to swim in,,, A senior pool and a toddler pool. Both for the same reasons. 

Cable TV is not available here, but with a normal antenna there are at the time I am writing this, 90 channels of over the air TV in this area. Many of them High Definition. Almost everyone can get 35 or more with their standard RV Antenna. And you can adjust/turn your antenatal to get more. 

We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the park to our RV guests with computers. Many of the parks in the area charge up to $40 a month for this and it is not really good WiFi. I work very hard to make sure the park is fully covered with good WiFi. We only allow normal surfing and E-Mail.  This meaning NO videos, online gaming, streaming,Skyping, watching movies, or other things that use a loot of bandwidth. 

This makes the WiFi fast and stable for all guests.  For those guests needing more than that, we are on a Fiber Optic backbone, and you can get your own internet monthly up to 45 Meg speed. Some of our guests that like to watch Netflix or other high bandwidth activities get their own for the months they are here.  

Ask me how to make sure that goes smoothly.