Considering A Small Park?

Information For Snowbirds

This is just my opinion from collected information. 

I will start with.  There are literally hundreds of large parks in the Phoenix area. Most have both RV spots and Rental Units.   They are for the most part big resort type with every amenity you could ask for. Many have thousands of guest in them.

Also this is the most age restrictive area we have found in the US, and we full-timed for 4 years before buying this park.  Almost every park in the area is a 55+ park.  The whole area is very snowbird oriented. Which is nice because there is so much to do.  Restaurants, shops, malls, golf courses, and more, are everywhere. Not to mention the nice weather.

As far as I know, all the large parks are nice places and would be fine for most anyone. There are several around us with 1 to 2 thousand (or more spaces) each.  They all charge more than we do.  With some them, by the time you add up all the extras, a LOT more! But they do have many amenities.  Some have quilting rooms, wood working rooms, pottery rooms, and stuff like that.

The small parks in the area, are very different.

My standard statement about Other SMALL parks, and hotels/apartments to snowbirds that call or write me is.....

Many/Most of the small parks have their own trailers and RVs, (some are even pretty nice,) that they rent out to people.  But,,, people that "rent a trailer full time to live in,” are not the same as snowbirds, or people that travel in them.

I always say, when you drive through, look at the type, and condition of the cars, and make sure that there "are" cars in most spaces, or else it usually means a lot of people without cars, that do nothing all day, which means you probably have to lock up your stuff.

As I said, this is almost always the rule with smaller parks. (Other than us of course!) Most of the small parks have a lot of "Entrenched people" that are there all the time. Much more like a trailer park, but they still call themselves RV Parks for the extra income in the winter.

We also don't know what kind of success you will have with E-Mail.  We have been told by people they did not have much luck getting E-Mails returned.  I think we are one of the few parks that take the time to write back to any extent.

I hope this helps at least some of you make a more informed decision so your stay in the area will be a pleasant one.