Fred Diggins
Life as Fred

I am the Baby of the Family.

And I plan on staying that way!

I was born in Mesa Arizona,  and live and work in an RV Park.  It is hard work running an RV park,  I have to sit on the back of the couch with my big brother and look out all day to see if any people are coming in the driveway.  Then if there are people coming in,,,  I have to sound the alarm to let everyone know.  If they come to the porch, then I have to go out and see if they smell good enough to let into the park. This can be a tedious job, for someone my size.  It is often hard to get to smell all the areas I want.

It is hot here in Arizona in the summer time,  When it is really hot, I have to wear shoes to go outside.  I don’t wear them very often, so I walk funny with then on.  People laugh at me, so I usually run really fast.

I get to travel a bit, and it is always fun to go places in the RV.

I hope you come and visit me soon, I always enjoy smelling new friends.  My PICTURES are in the link in the top right corner, or Click --> HERE!


Who me?

Name: Fred Diggins

Age: Dog or People?

Birthday: December 16th

Location: Mesa Arizona

Occupation: To many to list

Favorite Food: Cheese

Favorite Store: PetCo

Favorite Quote: “Do you want a treat?”

Favorite Activities: Sleeping, Eating, Going OutSide, Smelling things, and More Sleeping


Bobby Diggins

Kim Diggins








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